Commission / Radboudumc Nijmegen 2022
Dessert comprises nine circular sculptures that will be spread across the lawn in the Radboudumc's new building. Until 2015, the Central Patients Kitchen (CPK), where for some 65 years people were cooking lovingly for the patients of the university hospital was on the site of this park.
As a tribute to the kitchen staff, Oerlemans is transforming the lawn into a large 'tablecloth' with nine 'desserts' on it. The sculptures are brightly coloured, with a different colour on each side, and are reminiscent of old Dutch desserts: coloured pudding, chocolate-dipped profiteroles or custard with a dollop of whipped cream.The work of art is at the same time a token of appreciation for the efforts of the employees and a playful, cheerful intervention on the lawn for visitors to the Radboudumc.
The individual sculptures are made of metal and have a circumference of 50 to 60 centimetres. Their shape is the result of the artist's long-term research into amorphous forms and the fixation of air in balloon objects. The sculptures are placed on a round concrete base with graphic images of kitchen utensils on it.
Technical support Kamp & van Gulik / Metaalgieterij Dekens / Autospuiterij Harms / Nimis Beton