EverybodyCommercial Sculptures

Moving Walls

Exhibition Art Rotterdam 2016

'Moving Walls is a compact depot, a dream come true for someone who has collected too much to be able to take a good look at it all. Hester Oerlemans devised an installation of five shiftable walls, which by themselves already form a clear and beautiful image. It is as if you are at the position of opening up one drawer after  the other inside the head of the artist, enabling you to see a wide variety of images and works, without this being a permanent set-up. With the greatest ease, you can just shifts the walls aside again. At the same time you should be careful not to get trapped between two shifting walls. The module is the perfect system for art collectors: a different set-up every day and grateful artworks which can be seen and admired more often this way. During Art Rotterdam, the visitors themselves could decided what they wanted to see and in which order.'